Sparkrill International School

The Virtual School

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has put a shut down to the entire world. Every building including the schools are closed over the coronavirus concerns. However, the closure of schools is different and challenging, for many important reasons.

A school is not just a place of academics, it is a place for social learning and emotional development. How food nourishes our body, information and continued learning nourishes our mind. With education, we gain knowledge of the world around us and change it into something better. Therefore, going to the school is a must for every child. In an unprecedented situation like this, the interruption of education can impact their continuous learning.

For this reason, while the schools remain closed as per the advice of our government. learning continues at Sparkrill International School. We moved their learning entirely from the classroom to the virtual world, baring in minds the health and safety of the pupils.

Our students still follow the same routine as they did while going to their schools. Be it our primary kids or the senior students, they are all equally excited for this new way of learning even during their school closures. It is so overwhelming to see how our teachers come up with new and interesting ideas everyday to keep our students excited for the online classes.

It is perhaps the most important role of a school: preparing children for an uncertain future. At Sparkrill International School, students acquire the skills and mindset to ensure a sense of security and the chance of success whatever circumstances arise.