Sparkrill International School

Art and Cultural

Under the Co- Curricular activities, SIS (Sparkrill International School) promotes creative thinking and artistic expression. The students get an opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops, and plays.

Music : Keeping the holistic and intellectual development in mind, we provide music to all the students both the Instrumental and Vocal. Our music faculty are professionally trained .We have well-equipped music room with an access to a variety of musical instruments which expose students to the best environment.

Dance : Sparkrill teaches its students the art of dance that engages the processes of creating, performing and critical analysis. These processes develop in students the ability to read symbol systems, use critical thinking skills, excel in nonverbal reasoning and communication, exchange ideas, work cooperatively and collaboratively with others and interact within a multicultural society. More comprehensively, education in the art of dance develops kinesthetic and spatial learning as well as intra- and interpersonal knowledge of self and others.

Visual Art : We offer a unique curriculum of visual arts which provides students the key to succeed in a competitive industry which is building a holistic skill set. Students get the opportunity to showcase their creative skills in different types of art forms such as ceramics, drawing, photography, crafts, video, filmmaking, etc.

Annual Day : The School Annual Day event is an annual cultural showcase of our students’ abilities in dance, drama, and music.