Sparkrill International School


We are aware that academics is the main characteristic of the work of any good school. However, as is evident from our mission statement SIS is deeply committed to an all-round education which involves much more than academics within the confines of the classrooms. A good school has to be a centre of overall excellence where all the individual talents, abilities and potential of children are discovered, kindled, nurtured and sustained.

All this is of paramount importance if we desire that our children should bloom to their fullest potential. For this end we have built into the curriculum certain co-curricular activities that are not by their nature strictly speaking ‘academic’ subjects but they surely hold the key to opening up within the students capabilities that are essential to the success of the academic curriculum. We have included certain extra-curricular activities that aid the growth of their personal, social, emotional, physical, psychological, intellectual, artistic and cultural strengths beyond the confines of the curriculum.